Friday, May 22, 2009

The Community Works

I was honored to attend three inspiring events this week, events that cemented my recognition that we live in a special community.

Tuesday morning I was up at dawn for a fundraiser for the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas. The place is struggling in the current economic environment, but it's a resource worth saving and I'm happy to say that the invited guests donated generously.

Wednesday morning was the American Red Cross tribute to local heroes, which is awesome beyond belief. It's always impressive to learn about people who are willing to step up, who go above and beyond to save a life or to improve conditions for those who are less fortunate. And it's comforting to know that the Red Cross will be there for us in times of trial.

And Thursday was very special for the three dozen graduates of Genesis House, the drug and alcohol program in Seaside where miracles happen every day. The event at the Oldemeyer Center in Seaside honored those graduates in recovery. Genesis House is operated by Community Human Services; it's a place where lives are changed, where hope is restored and where the human spirit prevails. Congratulations to all graduates. I love you, Josh.


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  2. For the record, and speaking of censorship . . .

    RoyalPain deleted his own comment above. I believe he owes all readers the opportunity to share his wisdom and that it's outrageous that he would censor himself. I do hope that he reposts the original comment.

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  4. So, not only are you a coward, but you're also a whiner.

    What are you whining about anyway? You got to post your hate elsewhere on The Herald. Don't worry, though. I won't delete that one. Cowards gotta do their coward thing somewhere, I suppose.

    It must be so frustrating to have to cower behind your cowardice.

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  6. Dragging family into "intelligent discourse" is not personal, JH?

    You have the chance to do the brave thing on behalf of yourself and your legions of supporters. You have the opportunity to step from the shadows to bravely take on a hypocrite such as I.

    But you won't. So I make no apology. At least readers will see my name and photo with my comments. They would know it's me if, say, I needlessly dragged your wife into this without context and explanation -- and they would know I'm a scoundrel.

  7. Livernois needs to report on felonies even if they were committed by his kids. Everyone the Herald reports on us part of a family.

    If the JH is the person I'm thinking of, the Herald DID drag his wife into it. Shame shame on the Herald and Livernois.

  8. Sheila123, you seem to lack the basic understanding of the function of a newspaper and media in general.

    Your statement above was the most illogical, nonsensical piece of rhetoric I've read on this blog since my last post.

  9. For the record, and because I'm told I'm a hypocrite because I censored my own sandbox . . .

    RoyalPain has removed his own posts. In censoring himself, this anonymous poster apparently believes it's okay to deprive anonymous readers their First Amendment right to read his anonymous wisdom.

    Has he abandoned his out-of-context assault on my family? And, if so, why? Was it because the pattern of his bitterness made his true identity all too obvious? We don't expect an apology, but anonymous readers at least deserve an explanation for his blatant censorship.

    (Not that it matters that RoyalPain skulked away like a phantom in the shadows. If nothing else, his genius endures: He has inspired a new class of gutless nitwits who are now spreading his original out-of-context public record junk in other areas of And these new dweebs are dragging in Livernoises I've never even heard of. A classy bunch, these dweebs.

    (Still, they are free to post their witless attempts at embarrassing me elsewhere because there's no stopping cowards on a mission, but I refuse to allow it here.

    (And I truly regret that RoyalPain did not accept my unprecedented offer to step from the darkness. Because an honest discussion about my family and its issues, which I offer freely in return for his unmasking, might benefit those in the community who suffer from similar problems. Also, identifying himself would have been the honorable thing to do.)

  10. OK, OK, I'll "come out from the shadows..."

    I am Tim "Teeny" Weeniebun, son of Mr. Weeniebun, a prolific poster to this blog.

    Mr. Weeniebun has punished me severely for my transgressions, but you can not post about it here because I will not allow you to bring my family into it!

    And, my father assures me that he will not let you comment about me, because he will not allow you to bring his family into it!