Monday, June 28, 2010

Crop Circles!! In Greenfield!!

We received a breathless email recently from someone at the BLT Research Team in Cambridge, Mass., alerting us to the recent discovery of crop circles in Greenfield. The email included a YouTube link of the discovery. The YouTube video was posted by a guy named ZuckerSucker.

(I'm not sure what BLT is an acronym for, but I assume it has nothing to do with deli sandwiches.)

We were excited about the news, of course, feeling that we might have a Yeti/Bigfoot/Loch Ness moment right here in Monterey County.

But upon further review of the video, entitled "Crop Circle found in Greenfield, California 6/22," we couldn't help but notice that the circles were found in a dry-farmed wheat field adjacent to a green field and that no familiar mountain range could be seen in the distance.

Nevertheless, one of our intrepid reporters made the telephone calls for further investigation. He discovered that there is another small(er) community in the Central Valley, near Bakersfield or Fresno or some other godforsaken spot, called Greenfield. And that's where the crop circles were discovered.

Better yet is the YouTube video that debunks the claim, called ZuckerSuckers Crop Circle IS FAKE????


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