Friday, June 11, 2010

Assault of the Church Lady

Despite my best efforts, The Herald might soon become a forum for the temperate judgments of religious extremism. The Church Lady, damn her, is doing her condemnatory best to impose herself and her priggish attitudes upon The Herald's newsroom and its readers.

This is an alarming development. As much as we strive to offer a variety of ideas and opinions, we are concerned that Mrs. Church Lady might be too shrill for our sophisticated readership.

I am seeking an appropriate counter-balance to her self-righteousness. Fortunately, Old Hippie has lifted himself from the smoky haze of his groovy existence to make himself available, but I fear he'll be no match for Church Lady.

I'm not certain how this will play out, what readers might think and how this will impact newsroom morale.

But I guess we'll find out, starting June 21 at

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