Monday, March 12, 2012

A single column

l refer to your lead piece in Monday's Opinion page, "Sex and the GOP", by Aledandra Petri of the Washington Post. Is this jackass article your considered contribution to the great challenges that are facing the USA today? Where is your opinion on the sustained attacks by both Democrats and Republicans on the jobs and incomes of ordinary people? Apparently it doesn't bother you that hospitality and agricultural workers have to survive on derisory rates of pay in our expensive area. What have you to say about Obama's statement a few weeks ago that extra-judicial killings of American citizens are justified in the name of the anti-terrorism "war?"   When Nixon ordered illegal wiretaps against his opponents, there was outrage in the press. Today, a president can order killings at will and it doesn't raise a murmur! Aren't you concerned at all that the Constitution is slowly being shredded in the interests of international corporations?

 Perhaps, as a British native, I was naive in thinking that Americans were proud of their Constitution, which was for years the envy of the world. Now I see they are more interested in personalities and who goes to bed with whom. Wake up, people. You haven't got much time left.

Brian Ashurst

Brian: Just as you can't determine a newspaper's editorial position on any one issue by reading one edition of the newspaper, you can't expect any one column to tackle more than one issue. The one you mention is a lighthearted look at the GOP's moral positioning in this election, and publishing it does not for a moment diminish our concern about jobs, inadequate pay or extra-judicial killings.

Royal Calkins


  1. Morning Royal. Brian's is a bit harsh, but I think he sums up frustrations that many feel, including myself.

    Consider this, in January, the White House makes their determination to force religious institutions to do things against their conscious. At that time, abortion is not part of the presidential debate.

    Now, six weeks later, the debate isn't about the constitution and religious freedom. The public discourse is about men hating women. That is very successful spinning by a deranged white house, in my opinion.

    Do you think that may be Brian's frustration?

  2. Perhaps I should change the name from "Ask the editors" to "Stump the editor."

  3. Perhaps. I got a chuckle re-reading the piece in question and noticing it isn't so much about the religious freedom issue... Oh well, sorry.

    since I've brought up religious freedom, did you happen to see the letter from Bishop Garcia about the subject? Here's the URL:

    I am amazed at how, over the past two months, the issue of women's health has been elevated by the Obama Admim, yet most people I talk to blame GOP candidates for bringing it up. (very poor spin control.)

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  5. This "Talk to the Editors" blog only allows us to talk to you in response to a blog entry. Not very effective at allowing readers to initiate a subject to talk about.

    Last night I posted a detailed comment on the Herald's website. It was under your column about the new Sound Off feature. Today I find my comment has vanished. This is not the first time. I see idiotic rants posted in the website comments and they stay forever, but when I post something constructive it vanishes. I give up. I'm not going to waste any more time commenting on articles when my efforts disappear into the ether a few hours later.

    Briefly, I'll try to summarize what I wrote last night:

    "Sunday Soapbox" commentaries were initiated by Reg Henry, and occupied the front page of a three-page Sunday editorial section. They morphed into occasional "guest commentaries" after corporate bean counters whacked op-ed content from 13 pages per week down to the current 7 pages per week. Given that the editorial page is among the most popular, and also the source of most criticism that the Herald is too liberal, it might be wise to consider adding a few extra pages of op-ed content each week to provide a wider variety of viewpoints. Maybe just a second page on Sundays would be a good start.

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