Monday, February 20, 2012

You found it

Dearest readers: This is the place to make suggestions for Herald news coverage, to ask questions, yell at us, send us love notes, whatever. I, editor Royal Calkins, will respond to most of the civil comments and you, of course, should feel invited to respond to the response.
Got something to say? This is your chance.
Royal Cakins


  1. Two comments:
    1. It would be nice if my newspaper actually arrived on time. It used to be in my driveway by 5:30am. Now I'm lucky if: it's in my driveway & not my neighbors, and it's there by 8am.
    2. Used to love the Monday feature of "Looking Back at Monterey County." Now it's very sporatic, and usually has old photos of celebrities who visited here (boring), instead of street scenes that show how it used to look in the good ole' days on the Monterey Peninsula.

  2. Tony: We strive to get the paper on your doorstep before you awaken. If we keep failing, let us know.
    The "Looking Back" feature is proving more popular than we expected and we may find a way to make it appear regularly. Thanks

  3. I can't remember the name of the column I'd love to see return, but it answered local questions on a range of topics. Lots of really interesting things! Once in awhile a question about a pothole or streetlight would result in the appropriate municipality fixing the problem.

    I'm pleased to see the Herald increasing its online offerings; glad that the paper I've been reading for most of my life isn't going to fold, that you're adapting, and optimistic.

    I love that I can sit on my couch with paper and coffee in the morning as always, but now with my fancy phone I can even interact with said paper. Thanks!

    1. Mary: That column never worked as well as we hoped because, remarkably, the public didn't seem to have that many issues they wanted us to address. Perhaps we should try it again.

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  5. Just got home from school, ate dinner and read the paper. I hope you're inbox is cleaned out as I suspect the anti-zipliners are going to pummel you with letters. I am surprised that more people haven’t taken you up on your blog offer. Do you think your readers are going to pick up on it?

  6. Today's feedback: Peter Funt has become my favorite columnist!

  7. He's one smart fellow, even if you disagree with him.