Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well Sir, I applaud your efforts to bring the paper back in line to where it should be. Addressing local issues and creating a hometown atmosphere in our paper is a much better model than rarely hitting the streets and assuming that the wire service will provide everything, everyone on the Peninsula wants to know. We have plenty of places to find that information if we want it, and on that occasion, I find the Herald deplorably duplicitous. I look forward to the progress you will make for the benefit of all those that look forward to finding the information we don’t afford the time to collect on our own. 

David: I'm hoping you meant duplicative and not duplicitous, but we prefer to be neither. Finding the right mix of local and wire news is a daily challenge, and we're hoping to eventually get it just right. Thanks


  1. Royal,
    I also applaud your initiative to create an inter active blog with your readers.
    Gotta have my morning paper every day, and yours is pretty good,(and the only one).
    And I look forward to making suggestions, pointing out errors, etc. to make it better.
    I have pointed out some before, like improving your photo caption identifiers and using different markers to separate items in the GO section, and ... stop putting GO! after every article because it appears to be a review recommendation, which it should not be.