Friday, September 24, 2010

It's True, Of Course

I received an anonymous email today from someone wanting to know if Sam Farr is a socialist.

The question was accompanied by a link to, which announced (with no link or verification) that the Socialist Party of America has released a list of 70 Congressional Democrats who currently belong to the Socialist caucus. Rep. Farr is among those listed. Following the online posting is a parade of comments from intellectuals who subscribe to, mostly saying that the list will come in handy when meting out the beheadings once sanity is restored to the nation.

Having read the list online, I can only conclude that it must be true.

It's a shame that Joseph McCarthy did not survive to experience the wonders of the digital age.

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  1. I got a similar message from a friend who got a chain e-mail with the same list, pretending to be the roster of the Socialist Party of America (which actually was disbanded in 1973). After about ten minutes of research, I discovered the list was actually the roster of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. You can see it here.