Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun and Kooky Facts About The Herald, Past and Present

In no particular order:

1. The first banner headline in The Herald (then known as The Peninsula Daily Herald) in June 1924 read: “Great Whiskey Haul.”

2. Sports writer Kevin Merfeld chased a squirrel out of the snack lounge the other day.

3. Edward Kennedy, the editor of the paper until his death in 1963, is best known as the man who gave the world an extra day of peace after he broke the embargo on the German surrender at the end of World War II. He was an AP reporter covering the war at the time, but lost his job and was all but blackballed in journalism for breaking the embargo.

4. Ted Durein, who was editor of the paper for a time, is credited with bringing the Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament to the Monterey Peninsula while he was sports editor.

5. I can think of at least three couples who married after meeting in The Herald's newsroom.

6. The Herald's founder, Allen Griffin, commanded Company F, 364th Infantry Division, during World War I. He rejoined the Army during World War II and participated in the war in Normandy, Brittany and Belgium.

7. There's a King James' version of the Bible published in 1936 in the newsroom morgue. There's also a French-English dictionary that doesn't seem to have been used since 1936.

8. The Herald published a couple of editions from the King City Rustler’s office in the days immediately after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989.

9. One of The Herald's former interns, Clara Moskowitz, appeared on the ABC News Now program earlier this week to talk about a story she wrote for Live Science that describes studies indicating that prove people who smile a lot seem to have better marriages.

10. You can find sportswriter Dave Coffin’s byline in copies of The Herald dating back to 1968.

11. John Steinbeck occasionally wrote articles exclusively for The Herald.

12. The Herald won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992 for a photo essay produced by John Kaplan shared by The Herald and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

13. Not a day goes by when someone doesn't mention "Fresno" in the newsroom.

14. While working for The Herald, I got the chance to attend a Papal Mass and meet the Prince of Luxembourg in consecutive days in 1987.

15. The Herald office was located on the corner of Pacific and Jefferson for more than 30 years. It was easier to get to a restaurant for lunch back then.

16. Nowadays, a lunch truck pulls into The Herald parking lot each day around 12:30 p.m.

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