Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shameful Excess

Having read the latest news about Wells Fargo Bank executives planning the opulent retreat to Las Vegas after receiving a $25 billion bailout, I figured it's time to come clean about The Herald newsroom's most lavish recent excess.

Because our people have been working especially hard lately and because I am a generous editor, I broadcast across the newsroom on Tuesday morning that I would treat everyone to lunch. This generous offer was not embraced with the same enthusiasm that Wells Fargo executives likely generated with the offer of 12 days at Wynn Las Vegas, inasmuch as my offer was limited to the purchase of a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's.

In fact, only three employees joined me. I'd like to think the icy reception is not a reflection of my popularity in the newsroom, but rather a philosophical resolve that no one should spend more time waiting in line to receive a meal than it takes to consume it.

Denny's was, of course, offering free Grand Slam breakfasts to all on Tuesday, an offer that attracted a great many diners. We arrived at the Fremont Boulevard Denny's in Seaside shortly before noon and joined a small throng waiting outside the door. But we were seated in less than 15 minutes, the service was actually quite good considering the substantial number of diners, and the food is what you expect from Denny's: solid, with no surprises. And, accounting for coffee, orange juice and the tip, we spent less than $20.

If Wells Fargo executives wanted to reward its troops, it can't go wrong with Denny's.

Live large.

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  1. Your a big spender Joe and you wonder where your blue tin is?